Let’s play together!


In this game there are more than 9 million people around the board. But many of them may be left out of the rounds altogether. It is up to you who to give the dice to!

This is not a call for aid, this is an investment offer for you!

BAGázs Public Benefit Association does not give money, food or clothes. We provide personal attention to those who had not been given any from anyone.We have been working with and for the people from the Roma settlement of Bag for the past five years.

Since that, on the settlement of Bag:

  • the number of people attending schools has increased
  • the number of those who are able to take care of themselves has increased
  • the number of those employed has increased
  • the illiteracy rate has decreased
  • the crime rate has decreased
  • the rate of debts has decreased
Invest 3000 Forints in the players from Bag in every round so that more and more people get a chance to take a step forward.

The future is up to you!